About Us

Genji Japanese Restaurant in downtown Ottawa prides itself on its quality and expertise. The chefs hail from the well-known Toronto sushi eatery Edo, and they insist on flying in their fresh fish.

The restaurant serves traditional Japanese cuisine like teriyaki and sashimi but also a variety of new inventions. Its signature creation, the Boston roll, is a combination of Boston lettuce, shrimp, Alaskan king crab, avocado and spicy sauce.

Meet the Genji

Tranquil, spacious, mostly beige, Genji offers familiar dishes packaged with miso soup. But the sushi is very good, the tempura delicate, and the cooked fish very fresh and well done.

… I like the crisp asparagus spears and spring onion wrapped in a thin jacket of beef. I like the gyoza, fragile and tangy, meat and basil filled pan-fried dumplings, and the all-dressed tempura (aptly named Medusa) shrimp, crab and vegetables lumpily united under batter and fried to golden goodness. Like a bad hair day on a plate, but tasty.

At lunch, the teriyaki beef and salmon are fine: the meat is tender, the fish fresh and nicely cooked, the teriyaki sauce balanced, not syrupy-sweet as it often is. But the winning main dish is indeed the black cod. Sometimes called butterfish, the black-skinned fish is miso-marinated, then grilled, its flesh melting in rich buttery lumps in the mouth. It comes, as do all the main dishes, with rice (fine) and vegetables.”

Genji has been included in Anne Desbrisay’s 2006 dining guide as one of the recommended Japanese restaurants in Ottawa.