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  • Seared tuna with Japanese mustard and miso vinaigrette
  • Flash-fried Chesapeake Blue crab with ponzu crab
  • Skewered black tiger shrimp with teriyaki sauce
  • Genji's specialty maki and te-maki (hand-rolled)
  • Sushi pizza
The Scene

Named after "The Tale of Genji", a landmark in ancient Japanese literature, this is a restaurant that takes its heritage seriously. With Chef Benny Yuen (co-owner) at the helm, Genji is committed to creating exquisite Japanese delicacies, from sushi and sashimi to tempura and teriyaki.

On the catering side, Genji crafts delightful 64-piece sushi and maki party trays.

Open Tuesday to Friday for Lunch and Tuesday to Sunday for dinner.

Xmas & New Year Combo